Clinic Statistics

Information on each bird brought to Tri-State is entered into a computer database. Analysis of data has provided us with information to prepare for future cases, as well as information which can be used in other reports and research projects.

2012 Caseload by Cause of Injury



  • Animal by other includes attacks by dogs, birds, and other animals.
  • Dangerous site and human interference generally refer to otherwise healthy fledglings, branchers, etc.
  • Entrapment includes caught in fishing line, screen porches and buildings, chimneys, sports netting, and others.
  • Fell from nest also includes nest destroyed, and includes uninjured as well as injured nestlings.
  • Impact includes window strikes, and collisions with buildings, wires and unspecified objects excluding vehicles.
  • Orphaned refers to cases where chicks are abandoned, or adults or clutch mates are assumed injured/dead.
  • Toxin exposure includes confirmed and presumed lead, botulism, and pesticides.
  • Undetermined includes unknown cause of injury, record missing, and no cause given.
  • Other includes weather-related, contaminant/oiled, nutritional/developmental, and electrocution/burns.


2012 Caseload by Family



  • Other includes oceanic species (pelicans, gannets, loons), upland game (pheasants, turkeys, quail), and marsh birds (rails, grebes).


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