Oiled Wildlife Response

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 Oiled Wildlife Response at Tri-State

Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research is one of just a handful of organizations in the United States that can manage an oiled wildlife response effort. Our professional team is ready 24/7/365 to join, lead, or assess a response situation. Learn more about our team and what oiled wildlife response entails at the links below. For more information on professional workshops, training, and response services, visit our site here.

For general inquires: 302.737.9543
For spill emergencies & drills: 800.262.0980. (No other calls to this line, please.)
To report an oil spill, contact the National Response Center at 1.800.424.8802


Bird Rehab _0096Tri-State has been responding to oiled wildlife incidents for over 40 years. We have been a part of hundreds of responses including the Gulf of Mexico spill in 2010.


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