Preparedness Services

Our team helps industry partners, government organizations, and wildlife responders prepare for and plan their unique roles in an incident that may affect wildlife.

 Contingency Planning

With a wildlife contingency plan in place, you can act quickly and efficiently in an event involving wildlife with a greater understanding of the process.

Industry, government, and organizations all face unique situations when it comes to incident preparedness. Having worked with hundreds of industry and government partners, we understand the difference scenarios you may face and can make the response process clearer, easier, and more efficient.


A drill or exercise gives your team experience in taking action in case of an incident. These exercises can be as simple as a phone drill or an in-person experience. We also offer seminars that will help your team gain knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of an oiled wildlife response effort.


Having the right equipment and buildings identified in advance of a spill can greatly benefit a response effort. We can help your organization identify proper facilities for wildlife decontamination and create response-ready inventory in case of an event.
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