Nest Egg


Over the past four decades, tens of thousands of birds have been saved through the efforts of our Wild Bird Clinic and Oil Spill Response Team. From local spills to national events, our Oil Spill Response Team has been there to provide professional care to oiled wildlife. Our Wild Bird Clinic has rehabilitated thousands of patients injured from window strikes, automobiles, cat attacks, fishing line entanglement, and more. Help ensure these services will around for years to come.

In our 40th year of serving native wildlife, you can give a gift to Tri-State’s future.

Giving to our Nest Egg ensures the Oil Spill Response Team will be ready to respond to contaminated wildlife in a moment’s notice. It provides the means for the Wild Bird Clinic to remain open 365 days a year to heal broken bones, remove toxins, and raise the tiniest orphaned patients. It helps future generations of veterinarians and rehabilitators  pursue their passion through our internship program. Give a gift to our Nest Egg today and provide a better tomorrow for wildlife.



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