Become a MODO


 Are you MODOvated to save birds’ lives? 

Then join our flock of MODOs! Not  MOurning DOves,  MOnthly DOnors. (MODO is the birding abbreviation for mourning dove.) Your monthly gift provides a steady resource for our patients to receive the best care.  Your credit or debit card is automatically deducted each month, safely, securely, and hassle-free.



All monthly donors receive an exclusive sticker and an automatic membership when they sign up. Learn about the benefits of membership here.

$10 or $20 a month comes with a Sponsor level membership

$50 a month comes with a Patron level membership.


Your support matters! Every day, a wild bird in need is given a second chance thanks to our donors. Join our flock today!

Why become a MODO?

  • To save writing and mailing a check
  • To get an exclusive MODO sticker
  • To ensure your donation goes farther
  • To give at a higher, manageable level
  • To help save birds’ lives!

What do I need to know about monthly giving?

Your donations are always safely and securely processed
You control what you give and can change your monthly donation amount any time
Through your donor account you can update your payment information or schedule
You will receive an automatic membership when you begin your monthly donations
Donation receipts are emailed to you automatically for your records

Become a MODO today!

How can I access and use my donor account?

Manage My Account

Your donor account is connected to the email you used to make a donation. You can claim your account from your donation confirmation email or through the link above.

Once you have logged into your account you can manage your recurring donation by going to the Donation tab at the top. From here you can view your donation history and print receipts. To modify a recurring donation or update payment information select your recurring donation noted by the arrows on the left side.


From here you can edit your donation amount, credit card information, and frequency of donations.


If you are updating your credit card information, click “Change Card”,  enter your information, and then select “Done” at the bottom to save the changes (not “Change Card” a second time as this will revert field”.

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