Inside the Annex

Wash area

The wash area was designed for maximum efficiency and safety. Overhead equipment keeps the floors clear and safe while grated floors and non-slip mats eliminate slipping hazards.

wash area

A wash in progress

Everything needed to respond to an incident is stocked and ready, from personal protective equipment to detergent for cleaning.The plumbing was designed to provide the consistent water pressure and temperature that the washing process requires.


Floor drains

The entire floor of the wash area is grated with a drainage system below it. This allows for easy disposal of waste water and prevents water from pooling on walking surfaces. From the drainage system, water is directed into underground waste tanks for removal.


A patient in the rinse area

Once a patient has been washed to remove contaminants, it is moved into the rinse area to remove all remaining residue from the wash process so that waterproofing can be restored.


Rinse Area

Rinse area


The rinse area, like the wash area, features grated floors with a drainage system. These drains lead to a gray-water recycling system where water is reused in other parts of the facility. After the patient has been rinsed, it is placed in the drying room adjacent to the rinse area. The flexible design of the room allows us to set up different types of dryers to meet each patient’s needs.



Examination Room

Examination room

The Annex contains a full medical facility in addition to the wash and office areas. When patients arrive, they are brought into the medical treatment room  for a full examination and initial stabilization treatments.

A patient receiving medical treatment

For patients with more series medical concerns, the ICU provides a warm, quiet, temperature controlled environment.

Pathology Lab

Pathology Lab


The Annex also contains a pathology lab where blood samples can be analyzed and necropsies performed.

Close to the medical areas, a full kitchen and walk-in refrigerator/freezer unit complete the treatment and rehabilitation areas of the Annex.

Northern gannet photograph courtesy of Kim Steininger. Rinse area, wash area, and pathology lab photographs courtesy of Russ Carlson.



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