How an endowment helps

How does an endowment help Tri-State? An endowment is a carefully regulated permanent fund that is invested to generate income. This fund provides a perpetual source of steady income that helps all our patients continue to receive professional care and treatment. Tri-State has an endowment or “nest egg,” and we need your help to strengthen it.


A Brown Pelican that had been a patient during the Deepwater Horizon spill tends to healthy chicks a year later. Photograph courtesy of Georgia DNR

How does my gift help?
For 40 years, we’ve saved tens of thousands of birds. Most were affected by human activity. We’ve enriched the lives of thousands of volunteers, interns, and students who have gained a greater understanding and appreciation for the wildlife all around us.
Your gift to Tri-State’s endowment helps our organization continue this life-saving work for years to come. Your gift is truly an investment in our native wildlife.

We rely on private donations to help birds in need. In fact, less than 5% of our annual need is met by government funding. You’ve helped us grow to be the organization we are today. Help us continue to save birds’ lives for years to come with a gift to our endowment. 


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