Help baby birds


 By making a donation, you are helping the most vulnerable.

They are completely dependent upon us for their survival.

$30 will provide medicine for a nestling.    $50 will provide food for a baby Bald Eagle.    $125 will provide full care for an orphaned songbird.        $250 will provide treatment for a broken wing.    $500 will reunite an owlet with its parents.     $1,000 will provide complete care for a family of ducklings.


 Every year, hundreds of injured or orphaned baby birds are brought to our clinic for care because of nest destruction, “bird napping,” cat attacks, and more. It is your gift that allows them to receive a second chance. Your generosity provides the food, housing, and medical care these babies need to return to the wild!


Your support makes the care of these injured or orphaned babies possible. Hundreds of baby birds will be admitted to our clinic this spring and summer. Your gift allows them to receive the best possible care.

Make an investment in our native wildlife through our MODO program. Your monthly gift is easy to set up, can be changed at any time, and includes a Tri-State membership. Join our flock today!

Support our tiniest patients through the donation of supplies. We can also use items like plain white paper towels and toilet paper. Visit our  Wishlist or Amazon wishlist to view more supplies we currently need.

Thank you for your support!

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