Eastern Screech-owl

easowashSticky traps and fly tape might be commonly used for keeping away bugs, but they can have serious unintended consequences! This Eastern Screech-owl was brought to us for care after it had been found entangled in fly tape. While it may seem like one would be able to simply free the animal, the adhesive on these traps is very strong and can cause additional damage when the animal struggles or the trap is incorrectly removed. Animals caught in sticky traps need to be professionally treated not only to remove them without causing further injury, but also to remove residual adhesive from the animal’s fur or feathers. After this tiny owl was brought to us for care, it was stabilized and carefully washed to remove all traces of adhesive from its feathers. Once the owl was ready, it was banded and returned to its rightful place in the wild.easoafterwash

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