2018Snowy Owl


Many hands helped this raptor return to the wild. This Snowy Owl received its initial care at Center for Birds of Prey in South Carolina before being transferred to Tri-State for continued care. A second-year male, the owl was underweight and had a few wounds requiring sutures. After nearly a month of care from our professional clinic staff and numerous dedicated volunteers, this special patient proved himself ready for release. He had gained weight, exhibited strength in flight, and recovered from his injuries. Since this species is rare to our region, we consulted with the Snowy Owl experts at Project SNOWstorm to select an appropriate release location. Volunteer transporters arrived at the release site with the owl at dusk, which is a prime time for this largely nocturnal bird to gain its bearings. We’ve slowed the video down considerably so that you can see his graceful flight as he flies free once more. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to returning this majestic beauty to the wild!


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