2018Juvenile Bald Eagle

Cooperation among agencies to the rescue…and research! Wildlife veterinarian Dr. Erica Miller, along with an Eagle Project volunteer, were integral in rescuing three Bald Eagles found in a farm field that were unable to fly. Secondary poisoning was soon diagnosed and the raptors were quickly treated. After returning to health through professional rehabilitation at Tri-State, one of the eagles, a 4-year-old male, was fitted with a solar-charged, battery-powered satellite GPS transmitter prior to release with the assistance of NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife.  Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ has made it possible to track this youngster they named ‘Pedro’, who is back in the wild where he belongs. The transmitter project is designed to help wildlife biologists learn about the life cycle of non-breeding, sub-adult bald eagles and to help protect communal roost sites. To learn more about Pedro, track where he ventures, and read about the Bald Eagle transmitter project, go to: http://www.conservewildlifenj.org/protecting/eagle-trax/
Photos by Marian Quinn


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