2018Great Horned Owlet

  GHOW renest

A nestling Great Horned Owl was transported to us when it was found on the ground after a Nor’easter. We are ecstatic to report that this owlet was successfully returned to its wild parents! It took a very dedicated group of volunteers, staff, a farmer and his tractor, and neighbors of the person who found the owl to make it happen. Whenever possible, we return young raptors to their natural parents or foster parents that can continue to raise these babies in the wild. Once the owlet was deemed ready, several experienced volunteers attached a new nest close to the site of the original nest, placed the owlet and food inside, and waited at a safe distance. We’re happy to report that one of the parent Great Horned Owls was quickly spotted at the nest with the owlet and resumed caring for the nestling. Thank you to everyone who contributed to returning this adorable but fierce raptor back to where it belongs!

Baby Great Horned Owl feeding from Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research on Vimeo.


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