2018Bald Eagle Nestling

Raptor reunion was a group effort! Many hands helped to return an approximately six-week-old Bald Eagle chick to its nest. Folks from Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge found this male nestling on the ground, and Tri-State volunteer transporters brought him to our clinic. After a thorough evaluation and careful observation, it was determined that he was healthy, and the process of renesting him commenced. The chick was transported back to its home location, where a United States Fish and Wildlife Service raptor biologist, who is also an experienced tree climber, successfully placed him back in his original nest (he is the chick on the right in the bottom photo). Great news soon followed—the refuge reported that the patient and his sibling were seen later that evening with an adult in the nest. Renest photos courtesy of Nate Carle and Craig Koppie.

BAEA renest

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