BAEA release

In early July, an adult male Bald Eagle was discovered in a bush in Washington, D.C.  Unable to fly, the injured raptor was rescued by City Wildlife, a rehabilitation center in D.C., and transported to our facility. Some speculated the raptor was a popular Bald Eagle featured on a D.C. nest cam, but since the bird was not banded, no conclusion could be reached on its identity. Another unknown: the cause of his injuries. Expert medical attention and rehabilitation resulted in a rapid recovery, and within a week this eagle was ready to return to the wild. After consulting with federal authorities and our wildlife veterinarian, it was decided to release this eagle at Tri-State. Once healthy enough to return to the wild, many birds are very rambunctious and may injure themselves during transport, no matter how safe the carrier may be. We wouldn’t want all our hard work to be undone by self-injury during a long car ride, so the bird was released locally. Adult birds have been documented returning to their territory after release. As it turned out, this particular patient was not the nest cam celebrity, but his recovery still garnered lots of attention, and we’re always happy to see people cheering on our patients and taking an interest in wildlife.

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